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the rules of project

  • The rules are mandatory for all players, for their compliance with the following Administrators or Gamemasters (hereinafter GM). The punishment for breaking the rules are determined by Administrators depending on the violation up to a full ban by IP player without the possibility of Amnesty.

    Any queries relating to game should be referred to the appropriate forum section.

    Administration reserves the right to evaluate the actions of users and impose any sanctions in cases not provided for in these rules as it deems necessary.

    User data indicated in registering can be used to send important information.

    Server administration takes all possible measures to ensure accounts safety. Users should take care themselves of data security as well. Use number and character passwords not less than 8 symboles length. Let nobody know your password, experience has shown that the majority of break-ins are committed by friends. Administration, GMs and support never asks for your password! Remember, items lost due to theft will not be refunded. Any user account who breaks a rule will be blocked for ever.

    1. Rights and obligations of parties 1.1. Administration reserves the right to do any service changes with prior users notification.
    1.2. By registering on the server, you agree to be bound to these rules. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for violating the responsibility and could not be an argument for appeal.
    1.3. All users themselves should monitor rule changes including those from project news.
    1.4. Administration is not responsable for any form of damage caused by using this service.
    1.5. Administration is not responsible for temporary or permanent inability to service access by personality or group of personalities, yet it is making every effort to support service work 24.
    1.6. At any moment Administration has the right to stop providing service access to a certain user or a subnet in general without any reason.
    1.7. Administration will not return equipment, accounts, characters, money or skills lost as a result of ignorance of the rules or any other reason. There is maximal functionality for everybody's safety and security.
    1.8. In case of server failure, we will take the necessary steps to restore its efficiency as soon as possible.
    1.9. All users are obliged to comply with Administration and Administration representatives requirements, as with this agreement as well.
    1.10. Only account owner is responsible, no matter who acted under this account.
    1.11. All users are obliged to monitor themselves forbidden software using services.
    1.12. In case of agreement violations against user by other users or GameMaster, game user has the right to complain by providing evidence of a violation.
    1.13. All database information is the property of Administration and could be used in dealing with dispute situations.
    1.14. It is forbidden to engage in polemics and challenge Administration actions, in case of dispute situations you have right to complain at appropriate forum section.
    1.15. Administration reserves the right to delete characters and accounts are not used over 60 days.
    1.16. Administration reserves the right to control and interfere in any case as it deems necessary.
    1.17. Administration reserves the right to not investigate cases of accounts hacks if accounts don not use protective mechanisms provided to users.
    1.18. Administration is not responsable for lost items caused by other players.
    1.19. In case of any rules violations Administration reserves the right to choose the user punishment without any explanation.
    1.20. Administration reserves the right to change the rules without any explanations.
    1.21. Any player who has found a new bug and/or exploit, has to immediately notify the Administration.

    2. Interaction with the server Administration 2.1. It is Forbidden to access the Administration server unless absolutely necessary. Any appeal to Administration must contain a clear statement of the player problem.
    2.2. Disrespectful attitude towards Administration is prohibited.
    2.3. Insulting and threatening are prohibbited.
    2.4. Any attacks towards GM without their prior consent are prohibbited.
    2.5. Interfering with GM work is prohibbited.
    2.6. Wrangling and challenging GM actions are prohibbited.
    2.7. Party, Friend, Clan, Ally or Trade requests to GM without their prior consent are prohibbited.
    2.8. Fraud and decieving Administration is prohibbited.
    2.9. It is forbidden to publish chats (its contents) with GM without their prior approval.
    2.10. It is forbidden to annoy the Admins and GM with requests (repeat message more than once in 2 days) to cancel the imposed penalty.
    2.11. It is forbidden to discuss penalty imposed by GM.
    2.12. GM do not interfere in a game, exceptions are rules, planned activities or current work violations.
    2.13. You have to stop any fightings if GM is close to you, especially if GM or Admin shows up near the character you stand against.
    2.14. In case of dispute situations user has the right to complain by e-mail providing evidence of violations, (screenshots, videos).
    2.15. Spreading rumors and defamation about game or Administration is forbidden.
    2.16. Wrangling and challenging GM actions are prohibbited.
    2.17. In certain cases GM decides on sanctions that could not be discussed.

    3. Programmes usage and gaming process 3.1. It is forbidden to use or advertise programmes emulating user presence in the game or violating proper software functioning. They are so-called programmes that can change the client or replace it or make gaming process easier without playing a game.
    3.2. Unauthorized access to someone else's game account is prohibited.
    3.3. Threating other users are prohibited.
    3.4. It is prohibited to send messages which violate laws of Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
    3.5. Prohibited the sale / purchase of any game goods (equipment, weapons, resorces etc) for real money or electronic currency which are equil to real ones (such as WebMoney, YandexMoney and etc.). Prohibited the sale / purchase of a game character for any value (real/game money or other value). Prohibited to mention or discuss trades like these in the game, on forums and third-party resources as well.
    3.6. Prohibited the change of any game goods (equipment, weapons, resources etc)between services. Game characters exchange is totally prohibited even within one service. Prohibited to mention or discuss trades like these in the game, on forums and third-party resources as well.
    3.7. It is prohibited to advertise directly or indirectly other online games.
    3.8. It is prohibited to publish private chats without any prior consent (exception ? message to other users about rules violation).
    3.9. Totally prohibited to advertise directly or indirectly any sexual services or erotic or pornographic materials.
    3.10. Racism and nationalism are prohibited in any form.
    3.11. It is prohibited to use clan war sign in clans and alliances logos (It leads to misundestanding during the war).
    3.12. To create deliberatly situations when users can not get NPC without special command /target {name} is prohibited
    3.13. To create deliberatly situations when users can not go through arches, narrow passages is prohibited.

    4. Usage of server errors (bugs, cheats) 4.1. Prohibited the use of server errors (bugs, cheats). Under the error means any action, non-gaming process and aimed at personal gain.
    4.2. Prohibited killing monsters, when they can not respond due to reasons not caused by game.
    4.3. Prohibited to spread information about server or software errors (bugs, cheats).

    5. Conversation and naming 5.1. Flood in public is prohibited. Messages about selling, purchasing or exchanging are allowed only in trade and hero chats, not more than one message once in 60 seconds.
    5.2. Strictly prohibited to use cursing or users insulting in the game and on forum.
    5.3. Clans names, clans abbreviations containing insulting or vulgar language are prohibited. Penalty: clan will be disbanding, main clan's account will be blocked. Names containing insulting or vulgar language are prohibited.
    5.4. When creating a character, it is forbidden to give him a name containing reserved words such as: GM, Administrator and Administration names, previous and real ones.
    5.5. It is forbidden to impersonate (pretend to be) any member of the Administration.

    6. Trading and relations between users 6.1. Any fraud actions in order to get access to other users money or property are forbidden.
    6.2. Prohibited to use game shortcomings in trading, such as: texture simillarity, removing items and etc.
    6.3. Prohibited to trade at locations which are inconvenient for other users (arches, narrow passages )
    6.4. No refund for items lost by dropping to the ground!

    7. Recommendations 7.1. Be polite chatting to other users and GM.
    7.2. Keep Administration informed about any bugs or errors in time.
    7.3. Do not use questions 'Yo, men, are you here GM?' and others like this to address GM. Instead, politely ask your question and we will answer when we are available.
    7.4. Try to use proper language.

    8. Rules for GM and supports 9.1. It is prohibited to increase artificially the level or any other option of your or any other game character. Exception: bug testing, event holding and etc.).
    9.2. It is prohibited to create and take part in clans even if it will be for a minute.
    9.3. It is prohibited to violate gaming process: transferring game items, equipment, help in improving and etc (exceptions ? during the events, weddings or testing and only with main GM negotiation).
    9.4. It is prohibited to join the group (even if you do not want to improve users), if circumstances do not require .
    9.5. Users intimidation and humiliation are prohibited.
    9.6. It is prohibited to use GM rights in your own interests.
    9.7. It is prohibited to teleport users without their permission, exception ? rules violation.
    9.8. It is prohibited to raise monsters at peaceful zone without main GM negotiation.
    9.9. Deliberately getting certain things from mobs is prohibited.
    9.10. To make different uncorroborated and injurious remaks directed at game users is prohibited.
    9.11. It is prohibited to interfere with any gaming processes, exception ? rules violation.

    Prescribed range of penalties
    • Blocking chat
    • Changing character options
    • Fully or partly deleting of character equipment,
    • Blocking account
    • Blocking character
    • Blocking IP-address and in very special cases blocking the whole subnet
    • Imprisoning
    • Withdrawing character honorific title of Nobless or Hero
    • Withdrawing Clan Hall
    • Withdrawing Clan Castle