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Personal account

  • Dear players!
    By registering on the server, you agree to be bound to these rules. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for violating the responsibility and could not be an argument for appeal!

    Guidelines on protecting account:
    • Don't create characters whose names are copies or in line with account names.
    • You have to install firewall and anti-virus on your computer.
    • Don't ever tell your password to admin, friends etc.
    • Don't ever let anybody play using your account Ч not other players of your clan, nor your friends, brothers, sisters and etc.
    • Account, password and e-mail address are confidential information.
    • Free e-mail services are not recomended to use.
    • E-mail must be up and running in case you forget your password.
    • It is prohibited to use any kind of special symboles on the registration stage.

    Account's information
    Is added to an account and consist of latin characters and numbers, length is 2 symbols

    Enter the account's name, length from 4 to 12 latin characters and numbers

    Password should consist of no less than 8 latin characters and numbers

    Confirm password
    Password should consist of no less than 8 latin characters and numbers

    The activation link for your account will be sent to this e-mail address

    Security code
    You may specify any numbers, easy to remember, e.g. a phone number.
    From 5 to 10 numbers. It is required in order to contact technical support .

    Referral code
    Unique code of a player who invited you

    Verification code
    If you don't see a picture, enable pictures in all modes in your browser

    I agree to respect the rules of project and be notified.